Message fro UVA

Dear Underriver Community, 

It is said that adversity often brings the best out in people and whilst that is being tested at the moment, I believe our community will prove this adage true. As a committee we have taken the difficult decision to close the village hall for the time being and postpone some of our planned community events. This difficult decision impacts many small businesses that use the hall on a regular basis like Cookies kitchen, Underriver choir, Boot camp, Pilates and many other social groups and I hope that when we are through this difficult time we will support these groups as much as we can. 

The Village hall, St Margret's church and The White Rock Inn have always been an integral part of this community for social gatherings, quiz nights, concerts and many other wonderful events as well as a space to bring our community together. This is not physically possible at the moment but there is a concerted effort by many people to make sure that in spirit this continues. 

Some of those volunteer initiatives include the work of Mike Cylne and Maxine Clark so please reach out and use these even if it’s just for a chat, let’s all make sure we call someone or text, email, WhatsApp (whatever medium) so that our community feels connected at all times. 

We are all feeling anxious and scared with an uncertain future a head of us but together, united we will endeavour and one almighty party awaits us as a village to celebrate Underriver. 

On behalf of the UVA, 

Miles Hayward 
Chairman UVA
07880 736165

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