The season of Lent has been observed by Christians for many centuries, giving Christians an opportunity to reflect upon their relationship with God and to look critically at the way they had been living their lives.

At St Margaret’s there are opportunities this Lent to attend the two joint bible study groups that run throughout the year (see website for contact details and dates). The Prayer Times, listed on the calendar, will also include a time of prayer and reflection on a bible passage throughout the season of Lent.


Questions for Lent

Week 1

  1. Where do you go, or could you go, to be alone to face your demons, your weaknesses and prepare for the future?
  2. What is it that supports you and enables you to overcome temptations, find strength within yourself and face the future with confidence?
  3. If there is nowhere to go and nothing to support and enable you, what might you do to address that this Lent?

Week 2

  1. Jesus told Nicodemus that he must be “born again” if he wanted to enter the Kingdom of God, are you aware of a spiritual birth, or spiritual awakening, in your life?

  2. Jesus also spoke about the gift of eternal life for those who believed in His Son, do you believe that you will have eternal life?

Week 3

  1. The Samaritan woman encountered Jesus at the well, during the ordinary course of the day. How and where do you encounter Jesus?
  2. What do you understand by Jesus' reference to "living water?"



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