Events 150 Anniversary

150th Anniversary Celebrations

Friday Night Dinner at the White Rock Inn

30 of us sat down to a 3 course meal from a special celebratory menu. Many thanks to Frank, Maria and their staff. Also to Graham and Maxine Clark for arranging it.

Saturday to Sunday Flower Festival in Church

The church was filled with arrangements marking the major festivals and events in the church/s year. My particular favourite was the “Pet Service”, which my four-year-old granddaughter loved. Lots of people remarked on the display of gladioli outside the west window, which really pointed up the event to passers-by.

Thanks to Jane Martineau and her team, and especially to Jill Scott who really ran with the whole concept right from the start. In spite of the appalling weather, there was a steady flow of appreciative visitors – many people who went to the Horticultural Society Summer Show stopped off here too.

Saturday and Sunday afternoons Historical Display of Stories and Pictures

This was in the Village Hall. Judy Graydon displayed her huge collection of historical material about the church and village in the last 150 years. Beautifully presented and much appreciated by Underriver villagers.

Sunday morning Celebration Service

Prayers and thanksgivings for the last 150 years. We were delighted to welcome Michael and Elspeth Cooke, Chris and Carol Kitchener and our new vicar Serena Willoughby, and a great grandson of our founder John Davison. There were a number of stories and anecdotes about our past, and a look around the church intended to point out many details that we may have missed. Many thanks to Arthur Rucker who devised the service and directed it.

There were some rousing hymns, an anthem and a medley of popular songs from the last 150 years. Many thanks to our organist Dan Eaton, Judy Hurrion who led the choir and arranged its augmentation by many old friends of Underriver, and to Judy Graydon who put our musical ensemble together. Everyone enjoyed the music and joined in enthusiastically- it was such infectious fun!

Performers and congregation revived themselves with Pimms and other refreshments including caviar and a truly magnificent cake produced for us by Andrea Hayward of “An enchanted cake or two” 26 Barden Road Tonbridge (360605). Many thanks to Christopher and Charlotte Thornton for supplying the drinks, and to Jennifer Fair and Maxine Clark for supervising the food.

I think it was a truly memorable weekend and I would personally like to give my thanks to everyone who contributed. 

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