New Electoral Roll


Every six years, all Church of England parishes prepare new Church Electoral Rolls. Those who wish to be on the new Roll (or to stay on it) will need to apply to do so, using a special form. We are starting on this process now; and it will be finished in April.

The Church Electoral Roll has nothing to do with the Electoral Roll used for central and local government elections or for referenda.

The Church Electoral Roll is the list of those qualified to attend and vote at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting. This meeting is held in April; and it is where elections take place for the Parochial Church Council, the two Churchwardens and the Parish’s two Deanery Synod representatives. Any person entitled to attend that meeting may raise any question of parochial or church interest. Being on the Church Electoral Roll is one of the ways in which people can show their support for our lovely little Church and for keeping it alive in Underriver.

We have a legal obligation to display the names – but not the addresses – of those on the new Church Electoral Roll on the Church notice-board inside the Church Porch for two weeks in April.

We are writing to everyone on the present Church Electoral Roll to ask them whether they wish to remain on this Roll - and we will be sending them a form in the hope that they will! We are also writing to some others. However, if you’re not on the Church Electoral Roll at present and would like to be on it, please don’t wait to get a letter! Give me a ring - or even better email me.

You may also wish to know that at the same time we shall be writing to everyone whose data we hold in connection with Data Protection (as we are required to do by law).

Arthur Rucker, Secretary to the Parochial Church Council.

01732 833227;

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